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1. What is a coach and what are the benefits of good coaching?
2. What are some of the individual qualities and attributes I seek in people?
3. What are the qualities we seek to develop or reinforce?
4. What does Speakers & Artists International, Inc. promote? What we bring to the table?
5. What is Eric Stone’s background?
6. How long do I need to train?

What is a coach and what are the benefits of good coaching:

A coach first and foremost distinguishes aspects of the craft and the art form so that it becomes 1-accessible 2-understandable 3-doable and tangible 4-fun.

  • Coaching is distinguishing. Coaching is clarifying.
  • A coach is a craftsman and a professional.
  • A coach must love coaching and absolutely respect whom he trains and respect their process.
  • A coach is a trainer, a mentor and a leader.
  • Good coaching inspires and illuminates.
  • A coach does what works to get the job done. All with grace, fun and respect. 
  • A coach is graceful, strong, intent and relentless in the pursuit of your best.
  • A coach never takes no for an answer.
  • A coach listens to you from what is possible, not what is predictable.
  • A coach always coaches you from the future of what you will become. That is the power of coaching: seeing what has not yet happened and committing to that vision.
  • A coach respects you. A coach ultimately knows who you are as your potential. Coaching is very forwarding and always active. A coach forwards your action.

Coaching lives in the beholder. While coaching is now unquestionably recognized as a valuable and important profession, education about being coached is relatively rare. To be "coachable" is the essential prerequisite to a successful relationship and overall results.

To be coachable is to understand the role of the coach as well as what is to be expected from the performer, public speaker or professional individual. A coach draws fundamental distinctions which are then translated into doable and tangible actions. "You cannot practice what you cannot distinguish."

The main task of the coach is to distinguish with the individual what makes that individual effective or less effective. Once that is discovered, the process is then to devise a plan of action to reach the next intended level of effectiveness or functioning. The more an individual distinguishes about his or her craft the more effective he or she becomes.

Individual trainees need to understand that new levels of awareness come with the territory of hiring a coach, and one needs to be prepared for some level of un-comfortability and "unknown" before the desired plateau is reached. We call it welcoming the "new and necessary chaos" so that one's consciousness can expand and develop. The new and necessary chaos gets "reorganized" at the newfound level of effectiveness guided by the new distinctions drawn by the coach.

To let the coach "in" is essential and will ultimately determine the results. That's why it is crucial to understand the dynamics involved in working with a good coach as well as choosing wisely who you will let into your realm.

Most goals are reached more quickly and easily when individuals possess a strong personal sense of self; this takes time, but lasts a lifetime.

  • A coach trains your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.
  • Better coaching trains the “total” human being. That is the cutting edge.
  • A coach requests that you inquire into the nature of your craft and that you ask yourself important questions as to who you are in public.
  • Coaching illuminates your path.
  • Coaching aims at educating you about yourself.

A coach is "professionally" invested and committed to your success.

What are some of the individual qualities and attributes I seek in people? What are the qualities we seek to develop or reinforce?

  • Individuals with a sincere commitment to learning and developing their respective skills first and become competent.
  • Individuals already competent and able who have achieved a certain level of success and welcome the insights of a good coach to get to the next level of proficiency, ability or simply want to maintain where they're at.
  • People who genuinely recognize the value and benefit of good coaching and plan to use it.
  • People who need a safe and professional ground to hone new skills or brush up on existing ones.
  • People who are open to an honest exploration of themselves in relationship to their craft and are not afraid to work hard, stay open, and assimilate new value through coaching.
  • Individuals who believe themselves to be talented and desire to further that talent by making it strong and distinct.
  • People who are invested in themselves for the long run!
  • People who believe in themselves!
  • People who are willing to learn.
  • Aliveness is a direct function of participation. Business is a function of the necessity to communicate. 

What does Speakers & Artists International, Inc. promote? What we bring to the table?

• A very strong commitment to excellence in coaching the "total" human being. Physical, Emotional, Mental and spiritual.
• The ability to stay focused on helping individuals gain confidence in their ability through their level of skill and technique.
• A long track record of testimonies, success stories and artistic discoveries by individuals of all levels and backgrounds who successfully participated in our trainings.
• A special dedication to training and developing first-rate speakers & communicators.
• Coach spent over 15 years studying privately with master teachers or mentors in USA and Europe, human beings dedicated to contributing to the advancement of the human spirit.
• A new, effective and innovative technique or method to coaching public speakers and communicators based on first-rate acting skills & self-inquiry.
• Clear distinctions which can be demonstrated, practiced and put to the test.

What is our background?

Eric Stone owes his expertise and particular sensitivity to speakers' concerns to a variety of trainings, experiences and encounters with hundreds of individuals and group dynamics since he began his career as a stage actor in New York City in 1976. Teaching and directing actors and performers was the first step in beginning a long second career as a public speaking skills trainer. Back in 1987, a series of open invitations to work with individuals and group outside of showbusiness was the decisive element which contributed to the creation of Speakers & Artists International, Inc. "The success and undeniable results it produced for people very early on, prompted me to make myself available on a regular basis."

Amy Benichou-Stone is the CEO of Speakers & Artists International, Inc. She's a multi-facetted and visionary spiritual guide and teacher. Her talent lies in her ability to focus on the individual's core identity and bring out truth and authenticity.

Before we take on a client, we spend time on the phone or via e-mail to identify concerns and needs and determine a course of action which includes where or how we'll work, when, how often and for how long. We also outline a plan of action to tackle the targeted areas. We get to know each other a bit, talk about trust and coaching. We also assign homework pointing to areas to look into for insights on the nature of public speaking as it relates to you. We may ask you questions which aim at challenging your thinking and stimulate your interest to conquer the next level of your development.

How long do I need to train?

Our coaching is individually tailored. Some people train once a week while others take more intensive training directions. Others still train on weekends for a day or half a day at a time. We are working between New York, Los Angeles and Europe as of 2016. We also travel to our clients + expenses.

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