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Think of a coach as an expert problem solver. All problems are sleeping solutions and it isn't a cliche. The first question we ask is, “What training solutions do you need?” Is it Presentations, Sales, Negotiation, Branding, Internal Communication, Conflict Resolution? The second question is, “How important is it to you or your company to solve this problem? What would the outcome potentially be if you do?” 

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We offer step by step coaching and empowerment which deliver the necessary access to effective communication which results in personal power and increased cognitive and emotional awareness. Click here for a complete list of situations we train for. The strength of any company is its people, one by one and together. By drawing key relationships between creativity and productivity, self-expression and success, our programs become “must do” programs for any company genuinely committed to the aliveness and wellbeing of its employees. A happy creative, self-expressed, and communicative individual is the key to successful enterprise.

Did you know there are six types of snow? Access is a matter of distinction or distinguishing. “I cannot practice what I cannot distinguish.” Nobody is without talent. Most people are either unaware of what's at play in public situations, censored, tense, scared or simply unwilling or unable to risk stepping outside their comfort zone. Our success is based on our ability to encourage trust and openness as well as our capacity to create a safe environment where people are free to explore.

Learn to focus on things that makes you more confident and effective. We are what we focus entire article

We use relaxation techniques, exercises, mocks, solo work, camera work and interesting inquiries into the nature of communication, self-expression, physical & emotional awareness, as it relates to public presentations.

People dynamics are usually un-noticed and un-exploited.

  • Behavior dynamics such as body language and “emotional” attidudes and “moods”
  • Role playing dynamics
  • Awareness of the self in public and in communication settings
  • Presence & creative responses to everyday challenges

We offer professional coaching with enough flexibility to fit your needs and budget. All services and programs we offer corporations and large organizations are individually tailored.  Schedule a no-obligation consultation by e-mail or call us in Los Angeles or New York City at (1) (323) 986-6363.

Some of our clients:

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Wachovia Securities
WDHB Consulting Group
Radi Design
Columbia University
Random House
VXI Technology
Walt Disney, Inc.
Ivid International
Time Warner Cable
Bank of America

LA Clippers
Tiger Woods Foundation, Inc.
Wescorp Credit Union
Design Art Center
Braille Institute
Joffrey Ballet
Waxies, Inc.
Chicago City Ballet
Ventura Printing, Inc.
Desksite, Inc.
City Group

Sony Pictures
Rand Corporation
The Weather Channel
Ford Motors
Arbonne, Inc.
Howard Stern Show
San Francisco Ballet
Indelible TV
Team One Advertising
Hypnosis Institute LA
Zuvich Corporate Advisors
Private Equity Securities, Inc.
Index Culture, Inc.



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