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The following are samples proposals that were sent to clients. All programs are individually tailored.
They cater to the needs of the client once we have established the need and problems to be solved.

Sample Proposal 1
Sample Proposal 2
Sample Proposal 3
Sample Proposal 4

Sample Proposal to individual:

Hi Christina,

Here’s a tentative proposal for our coaching journey.
I’m very much a target oriented coach. We would assess then begin work relative to what
Is needed or missing in your skills or approach. Conquering basic anxieties about speaking and
Understanding key dynamics when speaking in front of groups are key targets.

I work on 3 levels: raising your skill level, design of your content relative to your skills and audience/purpose
and lastly the staging of your presentations which has a strong impact on groups.
You get trained further in key potent fundamental techniques, to make you and your
presentations more effective and credible, given your audience and purpose of presentation.
Please see enclosed documents for Methodology and articles..

We’d initially set up a 2-4 hour block of time to evaluate and begin work on your skills
and improving areas that need understanding or practice. We would then schedule a series
Of sessions and plan a course of action to conquer the next levels. All in a fun, relaxed and
forward atmosphere. Pricing begins with packages from 5H to 20H.

Let me know your thoughts on the article and proposal and that you received it.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,