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“Our clients are a true gift to us. We mutually empower each other as we share our varied fields of knowledge and expertise.” ~Eric and Amy Stone

Our goal is to help our clients leverage the potential energies within themselves and their organization. Leaders understand the need to use their skills to guide others, achieve stretched goals and demonstrate accountability. We train individuals to become competent, credible speakers salesmen, and communicators. The by-products are increased self-knowledge, self-awareness, personal growth, presence, vitality, productivity, credibility, self-discovery and personal power.

Amy Stone Stone first graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Communication and Journalism. Writing became an integral part of her journey to this day. She calls it her "journey into inner nakedness." Finding her voice and living as herself to "boldly go where no woman has gone before" became the fuel and inspiration to plunge into the therapeutic realms and the many forms of psychology she ended up exploring and using.

In 2002, she immersed herself in a weekly therapy group for ten years in Los Angeles, which focused specifically on Jungian psychology processes. It was a turning point as she realized that traditional therapy is ultimately extremely limited. She decided to get certified at the LA County's Mental Health School's Jumpstart Program, which led to working with several groups and doctors on food and nutrition. To complete her training, she graduated from the North West Culinary Academy in Bellevue, Washington to become a creative chef.

Her journey in psychotherapy further called her to lead workshops in Non-Violent Communication and graduate from Landmark Education's advanced curriculum in leadership, personal development and large group therapy. After divorcing her first husband, she founded a group for women whose husbands came out of the closet. Later, to broaden her scope, she investigated and completed A Course in Miracles with Marianne Williamson, studied Shamanism and journeyed in South America. She also explored Buddhism and Kundalini Yoga extensively, as well as Longevitology, which is energy work taught in Chinese. In addition to practicing the healing arts and psychology, Amy is also a businesswoman; she bought and ran the Inn at Blackberry's Castle in the Virgin Islands for two years in addition to working with Jaclyn Smith whom she met in 2013.

Amy lives in Provence, France with her husband and partner Eric Stone. She's the mother of three grown children. Actively engaged in their own lives and marriage, they combined their respective backgrounds to create Quantum Design Technology also called "Performance Impact Therapy", a new science and methodology dedicated to helping individuals and business professionals awaken to their true potential and self-confidence using psychology, art and theatre. Their motto is "When you stop searching for happiness, it finds you; all you have to do is ask the right questions and trust life in you to deliver."

“We are a key player in cultivating the actor and performer dimensions in business.”

"We are very much target oriented public speaking coaches working on key issues and problem areas related to public performance. Issues of self-confidence & effectiveness, clear communication & authentic self-expression have become the cornerstone distinctions which, over time, have served individuals.

We follow and empower the purpose of the speaker at all levels. By focusing on the "public persona" rather than the "private" person, it becomes overwhelmingly clear what aspects of public speaking and performance to focus on.

Public speaking relies on very simple yet wonderfully telling "dynamics" between the speaker and his or her audience. This is the true competitive edge of this style of coaching which targets organic and authentic body language not outdated frozen gestures or postures. ~Eric and Amy Stone

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