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Conventional educational practices often aim at feeding us concepts and theories, and it’s up to us to figure out how to apply them. In this method, you learn by experiential wisdom, personal discovery and by doing.

Using a large palette of processes, techniques and distinctions to promote self awareness, the aim is to outgrow limiting self concepts, lack of earlier effective training, and non productive fixed ways of being.

We, human beings, grow past real or perceived limitations by pushing through and ultimately confronting what is in the way of our next phase of development. (To confront is the ability to stay” in the presence” of a person, thought, feeling or occurrence without fleeing physically or mentally.) Seldom do we recognize context as the source of our experiences. Yet all the experiences of a fish are conditioned by water and its properties. The same goes for a bird in relationship to air.

Our programs are innovative and owe their success to key strategic dynamics which are CREATIVITY (Individual as actor and creator of his experience.), PERFORMANCE (Curriculum is based in part on performance’s skills and talents.), PUBLICNESS (Being public reveals the human being. The public realm as “open” realm for self-discovery, learning and self-mastery.), PRESENCE (the ability to be here, show up and listen from new found sources of attention, focus and awareness.), and EXPERIENCE (The experiential realm is the realm where the quality of my knowing is immediate, absolute and based in intuition rather than judgment.)

While conventional education methods focus on content (information, rules, or theoretical skills), this method deals with context or medium in which the contents of our lives occur. Medium is used here to mean the ideological environment from which we think and act (water to fish, air to bird and man to himself.) By revealing the context in which we operate, we can reorganize limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions into a new freedom to act and a self-generated personal power. That is the strength of this approach.

All processes presented are creative in nature and the creative realm is thoroughly distinguished as separate from the psychological, therapeutic or other realms. All realms carry expectations and, as contexts, organize content (behavior) differently. The creative realm is a “free” realm. Processes have been tested and proven considerably effective. Games, mocks and group encounters are the general form of most processes. In addition, participants do work solo and in pairs in front of the group thus creating more opportunities for personal growth and success.

There are three major aspects to this methodology:

(1) Creative inquiry into the nature of where we are presently on all levels ie: personal, social, cultural, ideology, belief system, professional, etc…in order to challenge and encourage participants to “look” and “distinguished” where they haven’t before.

(2) The actual practicing of exercises, tools, techniques and distinctions delivered which, by “process,” will create the desired level of understanding and possible breakthrough (the theories are part of the processes not separate) and

(3) By creating “openings for action” which usually the coach infuses gracefully and insightfully into the “moment” at hand; very much like a tennis coach by simply directing your attention to one element of the game previously ignored will literally change the way you play tennis from one moment to the next.

It makes this approach not only innovative but organic from start to finish with a lasting impact. Participants are challenged in a creative, fun, and genuinely supportive fashion. Atmosphere is professional and safe to allow personal risk taking. All participants are encourage to put something important “at stake” in the results they will produce thus “showing up” as active partners with the coach rather than passive players. You get out of these trainings, what you’re willing to put into it. By making participation an accountability and also requesting participants to be accountable for the results they produce, the “extraordinary” become almost inevitable.

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